ARINTrack Applications

ARINTrack can be effectively used in a number of industries where an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) can be employed to locate and track assets and employees.

Additionally, ARINTrack can provide two-way communications. For example, an employee signaling they need assistance for a medical or safety situation.





Specific Use Cases & Benefits

Asset Tracking

Reduce search time for equipment

Reduce search time for Work-in-Progress (WIP)

Increase asset utilization, eliminate idle equipment

Real time inventory


Replace paper based systems

Reduce waste with dwell time alerts (food, blood)

Alert when equipment moves in or out of a zone

Alert when equipment experiences a shock or jolt

Workflow Management

Monitor the movement of people (patients) in real time

Historical analysis provides insights for path optimization and process improvements

Replace manual tracking


Calculate routes between points

Direct staff to a specified work area

Direct visitors to a meeting location


Determine when people interact with people for contact tracing

Determine when people interact with equipment for safety and utilization

Determine when people interact with equipment for sanitization

Preventative Maintenance

Find distance travelled for equipment usage

Find hours of usage for equipment

Find time that people use equipment

Personnel Safety

Protect vulnerable staff from attacks with help buttons

Detect man-down situations for lone workers

Trigger alarms, locks, and alerts

How Does ARINTrack Work?

ARINTrack Map
ARINTrack Dot

ARINTrack displays a map of your facility and a dot (location) of each tagged asset and employee.

For each “dot” on the map, the following types of information can be provided.

Accurate position – where is that asset/employee precisely located?

History of positions – where has that asset/employee been including path analysis and route optimization?

Geo-fencing – alerts when asset/employee enters and leaves a defined zone.

Accurate position of many dots – what interactions has that asset/employee had?

To see the system in action where the “dots” movements are traced in real-time, view one of our videos.