Tag it! Track it! Find it!

Indoor Positioning System

The ARINTrack™ system is an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) that uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. It allows you to tag “it”, track “it” and find “it”.

Are you ever frustrated trying to find “it”?

Does not finding “it” in a timely manner cause delays in your production system?

Or even worse, could not finding “it” be a real matter of life and death (e.g. life saving hospital equipment)?

The “it” can almost any company asset … person, tool, work in progress, equipment, etc. … in any type of facility … warehouse, manufacturing plant, hospital.

The ARINTrack system allows you to find “it” quickly and accurately from your workstation or any network connected device.



Find Assets in Real Time

ARINTrack allows you to tag an asset … person, tool, work in progress, equipment … that can then be tracked anywhere in your facility using the Internet browser on your desktop computer (or any network connected device).

Need to locate a piece of tagged equipment?

Log-in to the cloud-based ARINTrack system using any Internet browser

Type in the name of the equipment

Instantly and accurately see the location on your floor map

Need more information about your assets?

Has a work-in-progress piece been passed from one department to the next?

Has an asset been moved from one of your facilities to another?

Do you need to automate your processes based on where an asset is located?

ARINTrack can do all that (and more).

Accurate Positioning at Low Cost

WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE – Simple and low cost installation

ARINTrack is the only Ultra Wideband (UWB) indoor positioning system (IPS) that supports Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA ) calculations without networking infrastructure. You get a long lasting, energy efficient, wireless tag without the hassle of Ethernet cables connecting the fixed points in the system. This aids in minimizing disruptions to your operation during installation since cable routing is not needed.

SELF CALIBRATION – Plug and play installation

No survey is required for ARINTrack installation. The system self calibrates for true plug and play installation.


ARINTrack gives you the accuracy and precision of UWB without the expensive infrastructure of traditional systems. Bluetooth, magnetic, and WiFi systems will give you object presence (not location) with a low infrastructure cost. Traditional UWB and some Bluetooth systems are accurate, but at a high cost. 

  • Only ARINTrack provides accurate positioning at a low cost.

Ultra Wideband Advantage

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), an IPS continuously and in real-time determines the position of a person or an object in an indoor environment. An IPS differs greatly than an outdoor positioning system that usually relies on GPS.

When selecting an IPS, there are five main quality metrics to consider according to NCBI.

System accuracy and precision

Coverage and its resolution

Latency in making location updates

Building’s infrastructure impact

Effect of random errors on the system
(e.g. signal interference & reflection)

UWB addresses these metrics due its high accuracy positioning, even in the presence of severe multipath, effectively passes through walls, equipment, and any other obstacles. Also, UWB will not interfere with existing RF systems if properly designed.

Want to learn more? Consider reading the NCBI’s Ultra Wideband Indoor Positioning Technologies: Analysis and Recent Advances

How to get your ARINTrack System?


Contact us to arrange a no-cost meeting to discuss your goals and needs.


We will provide you with a proposal to address your goals and solve your needs.


Once a solution is finalized, we will build and send you all the necessary pieces for your new ARINTrack system.


Install your new ARINTrack system and start locating assets quickly and accurately from your desktop computer or other network connected device.


We will be there to provide technical support along the way, now and in the future.